Open Water Swimming


Is swimming in open water good for you?

Open water swimming definitely has health benefits that will leave your body feeling great.   Not only will you get a great cardio workout but you will experience a full-body strength training exercise session with open water swimming. 

Swimming in the open water is invigorating and when done on a regular basis your body will thank you.

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How Hard is Open Water Swimming?

Open water swimming is much different than indoor pools for several factors, mainly due to the riskier exposure and conditions of the current in contrast with swimming in a leveled, supervised pool. We have talked about some of these differences in our past articles, specifically about the variations in the tides. Truthfully, an open water gap will certainly take much more time – and effort – than an indoor one, …

Open Water Swimming

How to Begin Open Water Swimming

Starting yourself in open water swimming requires a lot of practice away from bodies of water, in safer settings like the local pool where – believe it or not – you can simulate the conditions you’ll face outside at least on their mildest level. …

Open Water Swimming

How Long Does it Take to Swim a Mile in Open Water?

On the whole, swimming this distance mostly depends on each person, and more specifically on how long they have been swimming, their workouts and routes, their stamina and general physical condition, and their swimming technique. Age is also a factor to take into account. Typically, it should take beginners from around 40 to 50 minutes, whereas intermediate swimmers will hardly take 30 to 35 minutes and higher swimmers about 25 …

What is Open Water Swimming?

Open water swimming is a discipline that is performed in open-air bodies of water such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers. Modern open water swimming is believed to have started on May 3, 1810, when Lord Byron swam several miles to cross the Hellespont (now the Dardanelles) from Europe to Asia.…